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Sierra Alta , Hollywood Hills

Sierra Alta


“From the moment you step onto the site you know there is something very special about it”, says Designer Lukas Ruzbasan, “Thereʼs a magical energy that pulses and we wanted to create something sophisticated and organic that melds with its lushness and tranquility”. “We strived for something angular in nature but a with an openness and breadth and I think we achieved it”, adds Architect Ignacio Rodriguez, “The Architecture and Design Phase of this project has been incredibly rewarding, a real labor of love for us all.” Echoes Developer Charles Kotliar, “Thereʼs a joie de vivre and warmth to the structure that we are exceptionally proud of. Sierra Alta represents the quintessential CLR Development.”

  4 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

5,000 Sq. Feet

10,000 Lot Size

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