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Mountcrest dr, Hollywood Hills



“This project has really challenged us”, says Mr Kotliar, “as we want to redefine vertical hillside living in a way that maximizes the siteʼs potential without sacrificing scale, volume and functionality.” Mr Rodriguez elaborates, “The implementation of the “Skyroof” as the ingress point to the Home really adds an entirely new dimension to hillside design. To be guided through a breezeway atop the structure out towards this unbelievable view of the city as if youʼre walking into the clouds is incredibly unique and dramatic.” The final elements of the design mirror the singular nature of the architecture, “By incorporating water on every level we synergize with the topography to create a waterfall effect as one descends into the Home,” adds Mr Ruzbasan, “there is something tangibly harmonious about how the architecture and design fuses with the view-itʼs a very personal expression.”

3 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

4,000 Sq. Feet

15,000 Lot Size

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